17th September 2014

SAMU is included in the Enterprise Architecture Visualization Tool Survey 2014 by TU München

“SAMU is a simple, yet flexible EA tool that was designed to support dynamic EA practices,” says the survey by Technische Universität München about our product. SEBIS (Department of Software Engineering for Business Information Systems) issued a comprehensive report that sheds light on the visualization capabilities of different EA tools. more
20th May 2014

SAMU at the 7th EAMKON Congress in Stuttgart

How can EAM integrated to other disciplines such as BPM deliver even more value? How can employees of various departments and external partners collaboratively work daily for a better enterprise? – a few questions attendees of the 7th EAMKON between 20-22 May in Stuttgart will be discussing. We’ll show some excellent working ideas with SAMU at the conference! more
15th May 2014

SAMU at IT Architecture Forum IV in Warsaw

What is the role of architecture management in implementing corporate strategy? How to best assert the integrating role of data across divisions? – Among others, we will seek and provide the answers to these questions on 15 May 2014 at our Warsaw workshop through a live SAMU presentation. more

We develop an exciting and easy to implement enterprise architecture and IT portfolio management software for those who want the tool to adapt to the enterprise rather than the other way around.